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Who we are

AvaGro is an agricultural solutions provider, borne out of the intent to contribute to the shift from traditional farming to precision agriculture.

We started our flagship project in Namibia, where we grow flowers and vegetables on a commercial basis.

We’re using our experience in the country to advance tailor-made solutions for a range of crops in varying climatic conditions; and so help foster sustainable growth on the African continent.


What we do

AvaGro works with smallholder farmers, agri-preneurs and larger scale cultivators to implement customised concepts for agricultural production in challenging environmental conditions like Namibia’s desert climate.

We offer agricultural turnkey solutions that involve support right from the initial investment to the sold crop. We partner with farmers in the setting up of appropriate technology – like greenhouse infrastructure – and provide training to ensure the success of the projects we work with.

Our model supports financial sustainability through higher yields and better quality produce.


How we do it

At AvaGro, we work with intent, which stems from our social awareness. We consider environmental, human and financial sustainability in our operations. To this effect, we work closely with partners to bring about meaningful benefit for all involved. This is expressed in support that allows people and projects to build on their strengths – and thrive!


Our services

Avagro provides guidance on unique crop inputs and customised, efficient water-use systems; supply chain improvements; skill enhancement training and support in unlocking finance and markets.

Tailored to the local and export markets, our bespoke production plans advance food sovereignty in the countries we operate in.

Environmental & climatic assessment

  • General land assessment
  • Water sample analysis
  • Soil sample analysis
  • Regional weather data analysis

Customised solutions

  • Recommendation of appropriate technology for greenhouse or open field cultivation including irrigation and growing systems, based on environmental analysis
  • Recommendation on suitable crops
  • Tailor-made production and fertigation plans
  • Marketing and distribution strategies, including off-take agreements


  • Greenhouse construction, and irrigation and media (eg. cocopeat) systems
  • Phased training programmes: training of trainers, skill enhancement with AvaGro team on site for the first production cycle
  • Sustained support through partnership model
Our flagship project

Farming in the Namib Desert

AvaGro’s flagship project is based on an 8ha plot in the oldest desert in the world.

Namibia has a maximum of 30 per cent cultivatable land. Most of the country’s soil is unsuitable for open field crop cultivation because of its limited fertility due to a lack of organic matter in the soil. A high percentage of the surface are sandy textures and calcareous, rocky ground material, which causes limited moisture holding capacity and less porosity. High pH and EC further limit crop production. High-tech agriculture with media cultivation is an effective solution to overcome challenges of soil through greenhouse efficiencies.

A third of the country’s water is suitable for crop cultivation. While groundwater is available and accessible in the country through boreholes, it is mostly not suitable for crop cultivation. There are areas where saline water with high pH and EC excess of non-beneficial minerals like calcium, lead, chlorine and sodium are found. High water potential for open field cultivation is found around aquifers in the Hardap, Kavango East and West, Oshikoto and Zambezi regions. High-tech agriculture allows for more efficient use of limited water availability through drip irrigation and media cultivation.




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